Coffee and My League of Gentlemen

When I temporarily live in Yogyakarta, I am a bit upset for not be able to find top quality coffee shops which sell delectable single origin coffee of Indonesia. Most of it only sell anonymous coffee, even coffee with dipped hot charcoal in it. Ewwww!!!

I am a coffee snob.I like to snap at bad coffee. Really hard.

Maybe the only thing that I miss from Jakarta is my favorite intimidating coffee shop with its barista gentleman whom I’d like to talk for hours with. The place looks cold and intimidating, but their coffee are served hot and calming.

Well, for a while I have developed my deep infatuation of coffee, especially best Indonesian coffee from different regions, starting from Aceh until Papua. I got really lucky being able to conduct my thesis in coffee and proudly present a new paradigm of agricultural development to my international professors. But most of my luck come from those highly appealing coffee farmers whom I pay rocket respect for their hard work.

In fact, I met several men of my life through coffee. They are my league of gentlemen. People I can’t stop admiring. And dreaming of becoming like them.

My quest in finding decent coffee shop in Yogyakarta ceased for a while when a friend texted me a short message with a blog address in it.

A clinic in coffee? Pop up club? Sort of underground without exact address? A one on one session with the blog owner?

Darn it! I am sold already. So, I wrote a short email. Brief and concise.

I want him. And his coffee. With his full of awesomeness. Full body and mild acidity.

He called me the next morning. Warning not to publicly announce it that day he opened his clinic, especially for me. Aww, sweet, isn’t it?

He only gave me direction. Not a detailed address. Because there is no address. Fuck! How am I suppose to find it? I barely even know this city route.

He challenged my inner ego. And he successfully did it!

I got lost. He picked us up, leading direction using his motorcycle, we passed through small cone block alleys until we reached our final destination.


This is one of the best damn cool place I have ever visited in Yogya.

A miniature of teakwood trees forest in the middle of cramped city. With tropical minimalist architectural house in the middle.

There was a table showcase in the middle with wide array of glass containers. Roasted coffee beans in it. Many grades, hues, and shapes. I saw Arabica Dieng, Flores Bajawa, Wamena Papua, Mexico Robusta, Toraja Kalosi, Aceh Gayo, Mandailing, and many more.



This is our coffee club preparatory session

SImple brewing technique. Pour over and manual espresso.

I like this man already!

He made me Italian espresso style with Arabica dark roast Papua Wamena, freshly grind.


How he does his coffee!

Arabica Papua is one of my favorite. But this one produces defect after taste, attacking bitterness controlled my palate. We presumably agree that the roasting process caused this and unstable heat may trigger it.

However, we did non stop discussions of radical topics around coffee discourse.

Coffee farmers as the center of protagonist. Flavors as the supporting play.

Both of us have same perspective that farmers should be directly involved in overall chain of coffee consumption. Coffee drinkers should know their coffee farmers, know how their coffee comes from, how it is being cultivated and processed, and what restrictions that farmers have in the battleground and how we can hand in hand collaborate together.

Both of us also go align with skilful human talent as a backbone of coffee best flavors. Not high tech machines. Manual brew is an art. Machine perfects some of it, but not overall.

He invited us to savor Amungme Gold Arabica coffee this week. Humbly, I directly said yes, why not!

Definitely, he is now my league of gentlemen.

A matching version of a purist extremist with ecumenical perspective of radical progress in mind and behaviors.

Can’t wait to see him again this Wednesday!



– Soon after we said goodbye, he wrote me an email to remind me going to the dentist regularly to clean plague, because he noticed my intense drinking habit may cause that problem.  What he doesn’t know is I am actually a dental sadomasochist. My dentist in Jakarta even refuses to see me often. Ohh, snap!

– He doesn’t own or plan to own a hipster coffee shop. So stop asking where it is. It is not a shop, mkay? It is an underground thingy. Made only for cool people.

– He has lots of patients daily. Make an appointment first through escoret at gmail dot com. He opens his practice starting from 7 – 10 PM, except on Sundays. Yeah, you can sell my name to him. Hope he buys it!






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